Top 10 Gardening Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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American Meadows is one of the most respected online retailers of vegetables seeds, wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennial plants and heirloom and organic seeds. They have been selling seeds and helping gardeners since 1981 with not only their great selection of seeds and garden products, bu... read more >
Botanic Choice offers natural herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and beauty care products. They have everything from supplements for aging to Women's Health including: Amino Acids Bladder Health Cardiovascular Digestive Health Immune Support Pets Sexual Health Vision Health Botani... read more >
EarthBox has been the pioneer in container gardening systems developed by commercial farmers. With Earthbox you got higher yields, gardening that is simple and friendly to your environment and minimum maintenance too. At EarthBox  you can shop by the following categories: EarthBox Accessories ... read more >
Supreme Growers is a must for keen gardeners who would like to learn how to use natural living soil Beneficials to stimulate their plants so that they make their own organic fertilizers naturally and organically. They sell Soilblast MycoBlast Bamboo plants and nutrition Slow release ferti... read more >
Jackson and Perkins is a reputable gardening supplies and equipment company with an extensive selection of the following products: Roses Vegetable Seeds & Plants Organic Vegetables Flowering Seeds & Plants Perennial Seeds Organic Seeds Outdoor Furniture Bird Baths & Bird Feeder... read more >
Dealzer Hydroponics is an online store that specializes in hydroponics systems for growing vegetables, herbs and fruits indoors quickly and easily. Dealzer Hydroponics sells: Discount grow boxes Commercial grow boxes Discount grow tents Commercial grow tents Phototron grow chamber Hydroponi... read more >
Most of us, our backyards are our outdoor living spaces. They are an extension of our homes, and that's where comes in. The company provides everything you need to create a yard of your dreams, at deeply discounted prices. is also endowed with vast garden information, whic... read more >
Herb Kits sells everything you need to grow your own herbs outdoors or indoors all year. Their kits include enough seeds for several plantings, greenhouse dome, peat pellets, instructions and a CD about herbs. They sell herb kits and seeds for many uses including: Indoor Herb Garden Kit: parsley,... read more >
Rural King is an online store that offers an outstanding selection of houseware, tools, pet supplies, sporting goods, outdoor supplies, clothing, and much more. Rural King offers a variety of products for the home and farm, and they also offer customers the ability to shop by product category o... read more > is a website that specializes in consumer gardening products which are perfect for the lawn & garden. They carry full lines of pots, planters, tools, and decor items of the highest quality. The website has a go-to style of design with it's easy to navigate toolbar that offers... read more >
The AeroGarden is a unique device that has revolutionized gardening. It was designed to allow gardeners to harvest their produce all year long instead of losing their crops in the winter. The AeroGarden is an indoor garden that uses no dirt and has a built in growing lamp. The system is completely a... read more >
With the increasing awareness of the dangerous and toxic chemicals in many gardening products, many parents and pet owners worry about using fertilizers and insecticides. Safer Brand offers organic solutions, which will allow consumers to control pests in their gardens and fertilize their lawns with... read more > was formed to provide its customers with top quality flower bulbs, perennial plants and other horticultural products exclusively over the internet, at the most economical prices for the consumer. Blooming Bulb is buying from the same growers as many of the l... read more >
Zoysia farm nursery is considered the oldest company to sell zoysia grass. Today, they also market horticulture supplies and materials. It is located in Maryland and was found in 1953 by Herbert Friedberg who developed Amazoy from a variety of Zoysia grass, recognizing its properties that make it pr... read more >
FarmTek is a distributor of agricultural supplies such as barn curtains, radiant heat systems, heaters, brooders and more They have greenhouses and all the accessories you need to keep them functioning properly They are always getting new agricultural products and buy some items in limited quant... read more >
If you enjoy gardening and love flowers like tulips, crocus, iris, lilies and daffodils, than you’ll love Breck’s. Breck’s is the premiere catalogue gardening store in North America. Breck’s specializes in Dutch bulb flowers and only sells the very highest quality bulbs avail... read more >
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Company has been in the business of providing gardeners with top quality seeds and plants for nearly 150 years. The company provides customers with an assortment of: Vegetable Seeds & Plants – artichokes, carrots, broccoli, eggplant, onions, pumpkins, e... read more >
Mantis Gardening distributes many garden tools, including the Mantis Composter, a tool that makes it easy to produce quality compost right in your backyard without stress They also produce a patented soil tiller that is one of the smallest on the market While most people who like using organic f... read more >
Gardens Alive! is both an online store and a catalog store that offers a huge variety of gardening and lawn supplies. Gardens Alive! also sells pet and wild bird supplies. Gardens Alive! carries: Lawn Care Soil Care Plant Care Insect Pest Control  Animal Pest Control Dis... read more >
The services offered by the online company are landscaping and interior design for the tree lovers. They also offer a personalized service for each customer and project management teams to work on every project. Using the same online address, Real Bonsai Trees store and Real Orname... read more > is an online company which provides clients with access to established pest control services which are insured against theft, loss and broken items. The company’s task is to provide clients with exterminators and major advantages about using a professional exterminator ... read more >
Greenway Nutrients is a specialized indoor and outdoor garden retailer, selling natural products to protect the lifecycle of crops and the beauty of your plants.  If you are a plant lover, you know that pests are part of the problem and the major cause of plant loss.  G... read more >
Spring Hill Nursery makes flowering plants and more available through their online store The company has a mail order plant catalog as well and has served United States residents since the 1800s They offer plants in several categories, such as: Perennials Bamboo Shade plants Flowering pl... read more >
Wayside Gardens, located in South Carolina, is a mail-order nursery that sells a variety of plants and gardening supplies via their website and catalogues. Their currently featured products are as follows: Cosmic Eye Coreopsis Tickseed Plant Strawberry Seduction Achillea Plant Cardinal Aquilegi... read more > is a website where the Frame It All systems are sold. These systems are quick and easy to assemble, all-reason durable, warp-resistant landscaping solution that is ideal for constructing raised garden beds, sandboxes and others. The categories on the website are Raised Gardens, Roofto... read more >
Bonsai Boy of New York offers specialty and one-of-a-kind bonsai trees for plant enthusiasts in The United States.  Bonsai Boy of New York ships quick plants in a safe manner to its customers and guarantees fresh, quality bonsai plants and trees at great prices. Giving a bonsai tree as a g... read more > provides agricultural and gardening products that are beneficial to the soil as well as the plantations. The major products provided by the site are Liquid gypsum, liquid thrive, drought defense, regreen, moisture X-tend, and remidi-cal plus. All these products are sold exclusively for... read more >
Generic Seeds sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds just the way nature intended, all natural. Generic Seeds seeds are open pollinated and are non-GMO, and are so equably priced that everyone can afford them. Generic Seeds also sells gardening supplies and trees.  Generic Seeds sells: ... read more >
Burpee Gardening is one of the largest and oldest seeds and plants stores in the USA. Burpee Gardening sells a wide variety of seeds and plants; however, they do not sell or breed any GMO seeds and plants, and do not intend to. Customers can shop Burpee Gardening online or from their catal... read more >
Spring Hill Nursery is a mail-order nursery that offers a wide variety of plants to adorn your garden or landscape your home. They carry several different varieties of plants including: Shade Plants Sun Perennial Flowers Flowering Bulbs Ground Cover Roses Flowering Vines Shrubs and Hedges ... read more >
PCS Outdoors is a hunting and animal control supply company.  Hunters can find a wide range of supplies including guns, crossbows, bows, apparel, ammunition, knifes, lures, fishing equipment, camping supplies, field optic equipment, game calling supplies, traps, varmit poison, bird feeders and ... read more >
Direct Gardening is an online store and catalog company that offers seeds and plants from nine of the largest gardening companies. Direct Gardening carries seeds, plants and gardening products from House of Wesley, Burgess Seed & Plant, Royal Dutch, Exciting Gardens, Four Sea... read more >
Fast Growing Trees Nursery is the perfect place to shop for trees for the yard, patio, inside the home and for gifts. Fast Growing Trees Nursery sells patented trees that are generally stronger, more insect resistant, more disease resistant, more drought tolerant and bear more fruit and ha... read more >
Scruggs is a company dedicated in providing superb quality outdoor products. These products include farm chemicals, fertilizers, lawnmowers, mini bikes, go carts, hunting gear, boots and shoes, clothing, saddle and tack. They carry an immense range of products you can’t find anywhere for the p... read more > is one of the largest online topiary retailers in the United States. It ships directly from growers to customers. Its “direct from the grower” distribution model eliminates 7-10 days of transportation and storage. It stocks a large range of live and preserved topiary pla... read more >
Bentley Seeds is a supplier of a variety of seed packets to gardeners, businesses and non-profit organizations. These seed packets are tailored for specific occasions and messages. They have a wide range of seed packets for just about any occasion. Some of their products include: Earth Day Wildfl... read more >
The company krromastores is a lighting manufacturer and supplier that innovates with LED lamps and other lighting accessories at reasonable prices and with practically vibrant designs and looks. The company manufactures LED lamps, aquarium lights, Grow lights, makeup light as well as other accessori... read more > is based upon the product The Armed Gardener and the website is entirely for its sale and promotion. There are no other products on this website and no other services are provided by the site. The company only has a single product and has created a website for improving the exposu... read more >
The Garden Store is an online store that sells everything homeowners need to have the most beautiful lawn and garden in their neighbourhood. The Garden Store carries all the most popular and trusted brand names of garden and lawn tools, and sells all their products for a lower than average price. In... read more >
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